Heavinly Blessings Photography | Photo Shoot Pricing

For All shoots the session fee is due in full before I start your shoot.  Deposits are part of your session fee not extra on top of session fee.   You will receive sneak peeks 1 to 7 days after your shoot on FB.  After your session is finished and up on web site {usually between 3 and 8 weeks depending on the type of shoot and time of year if is busy season or not..} You have 3 weeks to place your order of a digital download of all images with print release or prints and printed items or some of both {whatever fits your own family's needs} after the date your finished shoot goes live.  We try hard to keep our prints at low affordable costs and our digital downloads affordable for our customers as well. 

Family / Children / Siblings / Birthday / Yearly Shoots:

1 hour Photo Shoots for things such as Single Family/ sibling / Yearly Birthday / Children 

- Session Fee $150 plus tax for full family or $135 plus tax for just siblings or single kid shoots ($65 or $75 deposit due within 2 weeks of booking to save your spot remainder due at time of Session or before) 

1 - 2 hour large Family Multiple Family Groups Photo Shoot

- Each family receives their own little family shoot with groupings such as Each child alone 2-3 poses, Siblings together 2-3 poses, Parents alone and together 3-5 poses, Mom with kids or Mom with Girls or Mom with Boys, Dad with Kids, or Dad with Girls, or Dad with Boys 1-2 poses, Full small Family Group 3 - 4 poses.   Then the Larger Group Shots like Grandparents and Grandkids, Grandparents and their kids, Grandma with Grandkids, Grandma with her kids, Grandpa with Grandkids, Grandpa with his kids, Middle Generation Siblings together, Middle Generation Siblings and Spouses, and Full Large Family Group with all the smaller families in the group and Grandparents all together are all added in throughout the shoot. 

Session Fee $185 plus tax ($90 deposit due within 2 weeks of booking to save your spot remainder due at time of Session or before)

***- After your shoot is done and up on the web site you can choose between a print order, or an order of a "disk" / digital download of images and print release, or a little of both whatever fits your own needs best.  Print Prices are kept at low affordable prices and examples of many of the most common print sizes ordered can be found on our Print Pricing page.  Print and or Disk orders must be placed within 6 weeks of your finished shoot going up on the web site.  Additional Gift or Add On Orders can then be placed at anytime down the road you find you want more prints and or a disk.-***

Sr. Portrait Sessions:

Basic / Mini Sr. Session

- 1 hour photo shoot with 1 location (possibly up to 2 locations if they are close to each other) and 1 - 2 outfits.  20 to 45 finished images of your session. 

- Session Fee $165 plus tax (Deposit of $80 Due at the time of booking to save slot, remainder due at Session or before)

Ultimate Sr. Package

- 2 to 3 hour photo shoot in 1 Season of your choice Summer or Fall are best choices usually.  Up to 6 Outfits and Locations as time allows.  Up to 65 finished images total for your session once in a while it could be a few more than that depending. 

-Session Fee $285 plus tax (Deposit of $130 Due at the time of booking to save slot, remainder due at Session or before)

2 Season Sr. Package

- 1.5 hour photo shoot done in 2 different seasons of your choice with up to 3 locations and 3 to 4 outfits each season.  40 to 55 finished images per season.

-Session Fee $350 plus tax (Deposit of $150 Due at the time of booking to save slot, remainder due at Session or before)

4 Season Sr. Package

- 1 to 1.5 hour photo shoots done in each of the 4 seasons before you graduate Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.  If for some reason we don't get Snow the Winter of your Sr. year the Winter session can be traded out for either a Sr. Event Shoot coverage, or a Mini Family shoot added onto your Spring Session.  Up to 3 locations and 3 outfits in each season.   We suggest for girls especially to do different things with their hair each season some i.e. some curly, some straight, some in an undo or styled differently etc...  These sessions really are so fun and we get to do so much that year and really cover who you are as a Sr. it showcases how you grow and change your last year of childhood / young adulthood. 35 to 55 finished images each season. 

-Session Fee $600 plus tax (Due 1/4 deposit, 1/4 on or before your first shoot and 1/2 in Fall or Winter Shoot, can be paid in payments before your shoots start as well) 

Wedding Photography:

We offer 3 different Wedding packages Bridal Basics, Bridal Wishes, and Bridal Dreams packages contact us about wedding photography and we will e-mail you the different Wedding Package and Ala Carte options! 

Birth Photography Sessions:

Birth Photography Sessions Start at $350 and Go up to about $950 depending on how much of your birth you wish to have captured 2 hours up to 16 hours of Labor and Birth, and if you want to include a newborn session, maternity session or both with your birth package as well.  Several Birth coverage options are available and we like to spend time consulting with you on your dreams and desires before we quote package prices and choose which fits your dreams best! 

Newborn Photography Sessions:

We offer 5 package options for Hospital Fresh 48 Sessions and 1 Home / or Studio Newborn Session package please contact us for pricing options to help fit your needs and desires the best we can! 

Babies 1st Year Photography:

If you book the traditional Babies First Year Packages which includes a Newborn Shoot, 3,6,9, and 12 month 1 hr. Sessions we throw in a FREE Family session that can be added onto any of the 3,6,9, or 12 month sessions.  The 12 month Session also comes with a Fun Cake Smash option at the end of their session with the custom baby cake provided by us!   

Because it is so many sessions in one year we give a significant discount on the 3,6,9,12 month 1 hour Session Fees and also on the price of the "disk" / digital download and print release for each session.   Each Session Fee is due on or before the day of that session and "disk / digital download and print release or print order can be placed within 6 weeks of your finished session going up on the web site.